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I got involved in a facebook debate after the London hacking incident. Someone with cut and paste responses who was pushing the line that you can't separate science and religion. Responded way too quickly which made made it clear that he had all the answers for his line of thinking lined up about the commonality of science and religion . Difficult to deal with that when you are responding with a (moderately original) reply and they bombard you with the usual BBB line (bs baffles brains in case it is a South African/UK terminology)  . False logic and all that kind of thing. Someone else responded and put him in his place. 

Anyway I was listening to one of my favourite podcast, the Infinite Monkey Cage with an old episode (still catching up with back issues) which deals with this issue in an entertaining and educated manner so thought I would invite you to check it out in the (unlikely) event that you aren't familiar with it. Despite the nature of the web I find I can be very insular down here in South Africa so maybe that applies to you guys out there in the US, etc.

The infinite monkey cage

Former cosmologist Dara O'Briain and Dr Alice Roberts join physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince for a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science. They'll be asking why so many comedians seem to start life as scientists, and begin their quest to put science at the heart of popular culture.


Enjoy - I do. Cheers

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