I've known for several years about the "flying spaghetti monster" some guy made up and claimed to worship in protest to(I think) some religious activity his kid was exposed to in public school.Here is a god that everyone can agree is unreal,so why not have a "communion" at a chosen time each year for him for atheists(and agnostics).A big spaghetti dinner with large meatballs and numerous noodly appendages could be had for nonbelievers only.Sure would taste better than the Christian wine and crackers.It might also get new people thinking about nonreligious viewpoints if they heard about it.

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Oh...I do like this idea!!!!!
All it would take if several folks could bring the ingredients and "cook up" the "monster".There's some general idea what it's supposed to look like.At the end not only would our "god" no longer exist,but we would have had a fine meal as well.We could even have bumper stickers saying"we ate our dead god and he was delicious!"Unfortunately nontheists are as rare as sneezelsnout snot in my area,so it would take much planning to pull off such an event.




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