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Do you prefer Chardonnay or Merlot?

Did I read this right?

10 new from $12.22 5 used from $12.22

... half as many for the same price... USED?!

... you mean... they've already been put in someone's mouth?

No wonder plagues spread so easily during the religious eras... with retards like these, they might as well be bathing in sewage.
Hmmm, I read the text. Have these wafers undergone transubstantiation? The descriptive text doesn't mention it, and though some of the reviews imply that they are, indeed, Jesus, I would prefer to hear it from the manufacturer himself!
I think you have to do your own transubstantutions. You may want a different god than theirs.
Perfect for aborted foetus hors d'œuvres.
Oh, gross.
eww, that's as gross as those placenta pate recipes on the net!!
Hey, now I can make some Christ Chex. I wonder if anyone has ever choked to death on a communion wafer.
I wonder what the minimum required size it has to be to qualify for Jesus habitation.
I hear that they are making an organic version of the wafer. They are going to call it "I can't believe it is not Jesus".
2, 4, 6, 8 time to transubstantiate!
I'm just die'n to try'm with some spinach dip.
OK those reviews are LOL tears in my eyes funny! Thanks!


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