I get told that since I'm Atheist then this means I shouldn't have to do good deeds....a stupid statement in itself. I watched a video last night that almost brought me to tears. Nobody is required to go out and look for this man and help him but I think as atheists on a site like this we could do something to help *indirectly*. So here is the video in question. http-::www.youtube.com:watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QhpqVpu-... 

I it hurts me to see others hurt, especially when there is help available. So could we here at atheist nexus spread this around? Anyone able to help? Robert seems sincere and I think as human beings someone should try... 

This can be brought back to the discussion of how this happens to people? What in society creates these extreme and often saddening cases of obesity? 

Just thought I would share this here. Try to help any way I can :/ 

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A man weighs over 600 pounds and says he has tried dieting and exercise and nothing is working. Asks people if anyone can help him. He seems very desperate and depressed. 

universal health care just came to mind here... ~?

regiment is hard; hard thing to aquire.. to save oneself from that level of fubar...
depression prolly has alot to do w/that man's problem.. i'm guessing..
I knew someone that had a neck/gut like that.. not to the point that they had trouble breathing though.
Basically regiment meaning.. plan ahead. have way points. ice water way points/ invest in cheap mountainbike w/shocks (for curbs) switch tires to hybrid for speed.. get a longboard too abt. 150.00 range..
say at least 3x a week high-impact for an hour..

it's all about will. indeed culture has alot to do w/what's expected even down to what you're expected to eat? or.. . i don't know that guy's details..
the person I speak of that regimented himself back to health had a rough childhood to say the least...
many years went on but seems he woke up and actually perhaps the training gained in army helped too..
interesting connection though; the damn diet coke hypertension to depression crap and high sodium food out there does not do anyone any good.. guess some folks can digest the stuff and burn it off if they're already prone to sports.. exercise etc..
it would take serious planning/perhaps surgery to help than man along..

my question is yeah.. "what society crates these extreme and often saddening cases.."
sometimes it's genetic
sometimes it's habit-based?
but yeah.. sometimes it's the lack of understanding and willingness.. on part of distracted to death culture xyz..

solutions abound; distractions and fraud profits galore... corrupt profits that is.. corrupting the very biology of the host.? the victim for that matter..




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