I have a pair of Reeves turtles that have been with me well over 20 years (longer than either of my previous 2 marriages).

Anyhow, yesterday before work I came down to find the male wedged into the filter structure underwater apparently drowned. He was completely  limp so I assumed this must have been rather recent. When an animal has been with you for so long, it's really painful to see them go this awful way, I put his body in a bucket in the garage and went to work. This whole thing bothered me, perhaps because I felt somehow responsible.

When I got home I took a look at him, and he had pulled into his shell. I pulled on a foot and he yanked it back in. Apparently, like the line in Monty Python, he was "not dead yet", though was apparently pretty pissed off and did not want to be bothered.

The only thing I can guess happened is that when he couldn't breathe he went into some form of hibernation mode and that saved him.

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Vey touching story. Amazing outcome! Thank you for telling about it.

Sorry about the mattiages. asometimes smimals are much better companions than people are.

Sorry about the mattiages

Actually not as bad as it sounds. We're on very good terms. One divorce was 30 years ago  and she lives out of state and I don't see her often. The last time was some years ago, my wife and I had a nice visit with her and her husband when they came up for my son's wedding. The more recent wife and I came to the mutual conclusion that we were much better as friends than as partners. She's a cool science loving atheist as well.

That's good news in the end.

Give him time now. Turtles and frogs have this ability. He is trying to recover.

My wife says we should bill it as a resurrection1  ;)

You. will have to rename him Jesus.




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