There's good news, especially for girls, worldwide. The Population Council and other organizations (including Planned Parenthood) are sending comprehensive sex education around the world, in several languages

Here's some info and a link to two free PDF volumes, one on the guidelines and another on activities, you can download.

Education on sexuality and HIV can help adolescents develop the capacity for healthy, respectful relationships and protect themselves from unwanted and unsafe sex, unintended pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections. A 2015 Population Council study found that sexuality and HIV education programs that address gender and power in intimate relationships are five times more likely to be effective than programs that do not. Fully 80% of such programs were associated with a significantly lower rate of STIs or unintended pregnancy. In contrast, among programs that do not address gender or power, only 17% have such an association. However, most curricula still do not address these issues.

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Good idea if they can get the information. In my time bible believers were outraged that somebody else would want to teach a child about sex education and the parents claimed they would do it themselves. That was when we all got our sex education secretly out behind the barn. Parents were not and still are not equipped for the subject.




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