We have installed a new Chat Room. Please check it out and leave any questions and comments in this thread. If it works well, we will keep it.

Earlier Post:

As many of you know, the chat room changed a couple days ago. First, I need to make it clear that this was not our choice. It was changed by our network provider.

Due to the large amount of problems reported (both in the chat room and across the network), we have disabled the chat until it is fixed. We are told that it won't be long.

We will also be investigating embedding a different chat client on Atheist Nexus. There are many out there, but each seems to have its own set of problems.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and incredible support.

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Update your Java and your Flash. And clear your cache. You can get help here.
Personally, I prefer using RealChat builds, enterprise edition, but that's just me. About which one to choose, I prefer chat2.
Question please! I have a question! Why am I staring at a sexy blonde with ample hooters in an advertisement for "TogetherChristian.com."? DIRECTLY across from where these words are appearing on this ATHEIST chatroom page??? I understand that money is green and fungible, but the irony is too much for me. Are WE sick atheists or are THEY really f-cked up Christians? Would someone please check with them to see if their members f-ck atheists. Are WE allowed to f-ck Christians without jeapardizing our membership? Does this juxtaposition remind anyone else of the great lines from Walking in Memphis," to wit: "She said 'Are you a Christian?" and I said: 'M'am I am tonight!'"? Inquiring minds want to know (and so do I).
HaHa, too funny. Why don't you try to "score" with a few believers, and report back to us. Think of it as an official Atheist Nexus assignment. ;)

Concerning the crazy ads, we have dealt with the subject: Here.
I agree that it was nice to be able to see who, if anyone, was in the chat room, however, I do appreciate that non-registered web trolls can no longer eves drop on the chat room. is there a happy medium? Also the ability for private chat in room 1 is lacking from room 2.
Hello is anyone there I need legal help!
Hello, I'm new here, i want to know...¿where is the chat?, I was trying to enter in the chat's link, but the page is a test page. when we will chat? (excuses for my English, I'm from Ecuador-Sout América)

There's a toolbar at the bottom of each window -

It requires flash and java, and some browser blocking/security settings may block it. Check them. If you still have trouble, try another browser. I find Opera and Chrome are a lot friendlier with the chat widget than FireFox or IE.
Do you have a MySpace page ? The curiosity is, like, killing me.
Best response to one of felch's MySpace questions, so far.
It should be working now. We have had a lot of people online today, and there has been some upgrades that have some bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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