We have installed a new Chat Room. Please check it out and leave any questions and comments in this thread. If it works well, we will keep it.

Earlier Post:

As many of you know, the chat room changed a couple days ago. First, I need to make it clear that this was not our choice. It was changed by our network provider.

Due to the large amount of problems reported (both in the chat room and across the network), we have disabled the chat until it is fixed. We are told that it won't be long.

We will also be investigating embedding a different chat client on Atheist Nexus. There are many out there, but each seems to have its own set of problems.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and incredible support.

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Is there a publicly available log of the chats? or is this kept private?
My understanding is that the moderators are from the company that created the chat room tool. Do they use their own discretion or are they provided guidelines for their involvement?
No the logs are totally private. The only mods that will be allowed on our site now, will be ones that we appoint. I hope our members will help us continue to "self-monitor."

I believe the best form of government is self-government, and come hell or high water, I will encourage, defend and enforce this.

I hope we all:

1. Will respect all members (debate should not degenerate into flaming).
2. Make sure our public chatting uses language and behavior that is suitable.
3. Will make sure that nothing illegal is allowed.
4. Will report repeat offenders and those who just want to cause problems.

Unfortunately, being the type of site we are, we are under "heavy" scrutiny and many are just waiting for us to screw up. This sucks, but it is our reality.

Because it makes our theist friends happy (and it is applicable), let me quote from the Bible:

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the middle of wolves: be you therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Matthew 10:16
i cannot seem to use either chat, its telling me that i need to be signed on to use chat and i am signed on the times i want to use the chat??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
One question mark is more than enough.

Clear your cookies. Clear your cache. Reboot and try again. Print this out and nail it to your monitor for the next time your browser plays up. You may need to oil your CPU too.
i dont know how to do that this computer is to confusing i just bought this one imma go buy a less confusing one
I briefly went into both chatrooms without a hitch to be fair. I'd have to say both of them look really good to me. Eventhough, the second one seems to have a bit more features for use than the first chatroom.
Chat2 gets my vote. However, that could be because it tends to have the most traffic.
okay sounds very cool... can't wait till it's fixed...8D
Way to many people were having problems with it. It was slowing things down and many users were complaining about various problems. This is why this thread was started to begin with.
i still cant get into either chat room and ive done everything possible
Perhaps my final post about the chat rooms. Chat room 2 is my preference, however, there are a few changes that I would recommend forwarding to the developer. The letters drop off on the right side of the chat window. There is a limitation of characters that can be typed at once, which isn't necessarily a problem but could use forewarning. If you have noticed a reduction in the number of participants in the chat room it could be due to the inability to view who is there prior to logging in. I prefer to have to log in to the web site to log into the chat room, however, after login in if I could see who is in the room, I would more likely choose to log in than the usual momentarily login ant then out again. Oddly enough I think that if you have seen a drop in numbers (which may be far from the truth) this could help. Keep up the good work!

does not load. I've given it popup permission and java permissions, but all I get is a gray rectangle.




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