We have installed a new Chat Room. Please check it out and leave any questions and comments in this thread. If it works well, we will keep it.

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As many of you know, the chat room changed a couple days ago. First, I need to make it clear that this was not our choice. It was changed by our network provider.

Due to the large amount of problems reported (both in the chat room and across the network), we have disabled the chat until it is fixed. We are told that it won't be long.

We will also be investigating embedding a different chat client on Atheist Nexus. There are many out there, but each seems to have its own set of problems.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and incredible support.

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According to these two FAQs, there is supposed to be a floating Chat Bar at the bottom of each page.  I don't see it. 


Was the floating Chat Bar eliminated, making these FAQs outdated?  Or is this a problem with my browser? Thank you.




Can I hide my online status?
On the chat bar at the bottom of the screen, you will see a little icon of a human with a green dot, to the very right of the bar. Click on the green dot to log out of chat. Unfortunately, you cannot appear offline while remaining connected to chat.




How do I chat with other members?
At the bottom of every page is a floating bar that says "Atheist Nexus Chat | ## Online". Click on that bar, and a small window will pop up (similar to Facebook chat). Simply type in your text and hit enter, and it will appear in the chat log. Each time someone else enters text, brief tone will sound. You can change the volume of this sound by clicking on the speaker button directly above the text box. To the right is a list of all the members currently logged into Atheist Nexus at the moment, though they are not necessarily participating in the chat window. Click on any name to either view their profile or chat with them in private.

Has anyone noticed how many "thumbs down"s A/N gets on discussions? Are these from xtians?
There are no thumbs down. I think you are referring to the logo that display the number of comments on a post.
LOL... you're right!
It is not that big of a deal and I definetly donot have anything particular to say presently, but I do like having a place to come to say "good morning, how are you doing?" to everyone without having much more to say in particular.

How do I get to this spot? I do not see it anywhere.
I would suggest one that works on an iPad. Until somebody, rightfully, takes apple to court to let in other default browsers, it would be nice if it could run in the hunk of crap that is Safari.
trying to chat via myXoom, and get msg that a plugin is needed, anyody know what/where.




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