Conducting a simple atheist study, need un minuto of your time.

Please answer just this one question.

atheism is:

A. the disbelief of gods
B. the belief that there are no gods
C. Other (explain.)


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Atheism - disbelief in and rejection of all proposed theologies presented to date....


Works for me ... I like your use of the word, "rejection."  I would add a simple statement to it, to wit:

There Are NO Gods.  Works for me.

(A) has been revised to "lack of a belief in gods."

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Atheism isn't a deficiency, a lack, it's being able to tell your ass from a hole in the ground. Nor is it merely a belief. So "(C) There are NO gods." works for me too.

Simple but succinct.  I would add..nor are there ANY supernatural entity.

No ghosties, goblins nor long legged  beasties nor things that go bump in the night.


I choose A, the revised A

In a general sense, the revised (A): Lack of belief in any god.

I think A works for me.

revised A


   Answer "A" seems to fit the best.  It's the closest to the opposite of religion.  Religion tends to focus in on a specific point we know as dogma.  Atheism rejects it.  Reality is like many other subjects, if you don't see the the whole picture you're likely missing the point.




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