Conducting a simple atheist study, need un minuto of your time.

Please answer just this one question.

atheism is:

A. the disbelief of gods
B. the belief that there are no gods
C. Other (explain.)


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A. the disbelief of gods

A) I'm fairly certain this will be almost unanimous

(A): Lack of belief in gods.

Revised A ("lack of belief in deities")

Revised A

Since I left religion, the word "belief" and "disbelief" bothers me as they sound like the acceptance or non-acceptance of something without evidence.  I now say I don't believe anything.  I accept what science has evidence for. 

Because of that, I'm not going to choose between A and B.  As to the official meaning I will say C: Without God. 

However, personally, I say C: I'm almost certain there are no Gods, and live my life not worrying about it.

A: But revised to lack of belief in ANY god.

The religious tend to make semantic arguments regarding "Belief" and "Disbelief". So I try to stay away from them.

A.  I think "disbelief" is the same as "lack of belief", but the latter is more clear.  Correct?


If I had to choose, then revised meaning A.



Revised A

belief that there are no gods except PHYSICS

B. The belief that there are no gods.

Comment: A is of course more passive and goes toward the agnostic.  However, some qualifier is always essential even with the more definitive answer.  I am certain that the gods invented by the human race are impossible self contradictory notions.  In other words they do not pass any proof test and for the most part are provable absurdities.    I do believe that a more powerful and intelligent life form likely does exist.  However this is not a supernatural conceptions but merely a reasonable hypothesis based on the extent and variability of the universe.  Some might call such a life form "god".  I would not.




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