Any A/N football fans out there? The Confederations Cup starts Sunday in South Africa and it is a tasty preview for next year's World Cup.

We all spend so much time thinking deep thoughts, protecting freedoms, ranting about the delusional. Football is an opportunity to irrational, jingoistic, passionate, and loud. For instance, I have a deeply held belief that the US team will get a result vs. Italy on's that for faith against all evidence?

The lineup for the first 5 or 6 days:

Jun 14 10:00am South Africa vs Iraq BBCi, ESPN 360, ESPN2, ESPNU, Galavision
Jun 14 2:30pm New Zealand vs Spain BBCi, CBC,, ESPN 360, ESPN2, TLN, Univision
Jun 15 10:00am Brazil vs Egypt BBCi, ESPN 360, ESPN2, Galavision
Jun 15 2:30pm USA vs Italy BBCi, CBC, CBC-bold,, ESPN, ESPN 360, Telefutura, TLN
Jun 17 10:00am Spain vs Iraq BBCi,, ESPN 360, ESPN2, Galavision
Jun 17 2:30pm South Africa vs New Zealand, ESPN 360, ESPN2, Galavision
Jun 18 10:00am USA vs Brazil BBCi, CBC-bold,, ESPN 360, ESPN2, Telefutura, TLN
Jun 18 2:30pm Egypt vs Italy, ESPN 360, ESPN2, Galavision, TLN
Jun 20 2:30pm Spain vs South Africa CBC,, ESPN 360, ESPN2, TLN, Univision
Jun 20 2:30pm Iraq vs New Zealand BBCi,, ESPN 360, Telefutura

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