I removed myself from an Atheist group on Facebook because my bosses are on FB and I didn't know if it would effect my career. It most likely would since they are christian.

I just wanted to confess this because I feel like such a "female reproductive organ".

If I say 20 hail FSM will I be redeemed for my injustice?

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I don't honestly think most people even look to see what you put for religion or what groups you are in, I sometimes assume because I am FB friends with people that they know I am an atheist, but when I mention it, most people did not know and occasionally I get things like "oh, are you pretending or are you really an atheist?" LOL why the hell would I pretend something like that, makes no sense!
But whatever makes you feel better and safer from possible harassment or hatred is what you have to do. Don't feel like a va-jay-jay for it. its cool if you wont claim us on FB we understand ;)
I had "I brush my teeth religiously" for a very long time. It is a true statement and one not likely to be challenged.
I put "I don't fly planes into buildings" as my religious views. Which is true in case you were wondering.
At moments like these, I'm so happy to live in the Netherlands. I'm such an outspoken atheist, that I could not remain closeted for long anyway.
According to wiki the Netherlands is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe, with only 39% being religiously affiliated. That makes me a jealous atheist in Kentucky. We have more churches then fast food places, and i am not kidding.
I have it narrowed down between where I am going to live out the rest of my days, (because it sure as shit is not here). It is between your awesome country, Norway and Australia. From what I have heard Norwegian is harder to learn then Dutch. If I picked Australia I would learn Mandarin Chinese because of the ever increasing trade relations between the two. I don't think I would have a problem adapting from my past experiences. I traveled around Brazil for a month, which might as well be another world compared to what I'm used, and I got the hang of it fairly quickly. Although being a 6 ft 4' white guy in Belem was like being Shaq in Croatia. I felt like the Gringo version of Wheres Waldo.
The Netherlands certainly has some advantages, but Dutch is not an easy language to learn. However most people speak English, in Amsterdam it's even the official 2nd language because of all the different nationalities that live there. Even though it's not a big city compared to other capitols, we have more different nationalities then any other capitol.

I almost never get angry about religious intrusions into my private life because it almost never happens. Even hardcore fundamentalists know better then to proselytize at the workplace or even in private because religion is very much considered to be a private matter which should not be discussed without somebody asking.

A lot of people think of the Netherlands as some drug infested paradise for sexual deviants, but it's quite the contrary. Just look at our crime rates and the percentage of people using drugs (even the legal ones) and you'll be amazed.

Why don't you take some holidays and check it out?
"It don't matter if you got a low IQ, Jesus surely loves you, too!"
Wow, you cant make that stuff up.
Or can you..... ;)
No, I was referring to your former boss making it up, not you. It was an after thought. I said "you cant make that stuff up", when it in fact, it was made up. More making fun of myself for the wrong use of words.
Jez Smith: Behaving in such a way only allows these people to get away with their bullying tactics, and people saying 'oh we are a hated minority' is neither useful or true.
In normal countries you would be able to take any employer to court if they started to make life difficult because you are an atheist

Your idealism is charming. It reminds me of a quote -

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem." -- John Galsworthy

What you and most folk with similar world views fail to apprehend is that discrimination does not have to be overt. Most of it in fact happens in ways that are invisible to all except the truly paranoid. Getting overlooked for opportunities, being given bad shifts and jobs to do no one else wants, missing out on the cubicle with the window. Bonuses, which you are usually told never to discuss with your co-workers, may be trimmed down or denied altogether. Credit for achievements may be understated or even misappropriated by believers and no one will believe you. The list is endless and depressing.

Everyone discriminates. Those that discriminate the most also tend to be those that voice anti-discrimination the loudest. You discriminate. I discriminate. Be honest with yourself. It's a fact of life. So what precisely do you stand to gain by advertising yourself to a workplace full of strangers amongst whom there is guaranteed to be at least a few messianic nutjobs, possibly even your superiors. In terms of personal win/loss, you are extremely unlikely to score a win. Unless you count very public ACLU legal action on your behalf that will follow you for life to be a win [*].

Really, get real.

[*] - this is not to put down any folks that fight the good fight. Those that are brave enough and have the strength to do it do us all proud, and we need more. But not everyone is prepared to handle the full consequences. To those I say again, there is no shame in anonymity.
I am well aware of my chances of winning that battle.
If other people did not depend on me and those same people would be unaffected, it would be a whole other story in a different book in another library far far away.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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