Short story:


They looked at me with horror.


Long story:


It was more than 5 years ago.


Then everything changed slowly.


Right-wing parties generally win elections in Turkey. (Indeed there is no real left-wing party in Turkey.)


Neo-globalism and neo-liberalsim beginned in 1980s came to Turkey in 3 waves: 1983 Ozal, 1993 Ciller, and 2003 Erdogan.


All they claimed that they were both liberal and conservative. It was and is impossible.


So called liberal-conservatives damaged all traditional values in Turkey. Because consumption cult destroys everything, so it has happened too.


You could not say even atheist 10 years ago in Turkey.


In the half way of the third liberalism wave there was no traditional pressure remained against people like me. Because every family has had a marginal or a deviant. They have nothing to say.


So first they learned to hear atheism. And then they tried to change me. And then they changed. Today some Muslims are very regretful that they have voted to AKP (Justice and Developing Party). They know what has happened. Everything has been sold.


Today I make fun of them.


Atheists always were afraid of saying their atheism. It is still so. That is why I do not search to support from them.


About 20-30.000 people know my atheism. I took death treaths. No problem. I know my folk. I know when they will really kill me. Then I will go away of course.


We go to half-inquisition in Turkey. They have had power for 10 years and want to be there 10 years more. To me it is impossible. But Turkey is a surprise country. It may be.


I have been writing about atheism in blogs for more than 5 years. I do not try make somenone an atheist. Our law is fuzzy. I do not want to go to jail because of the crime of insulting Islam (yes, there is such a matter in our Penalty Law).


I have never entered into a mosque or a church or a sinagogue. It will remain as the same till my death. In fact I think not to be in my death ceremony by exterminating my death body.


So this a war between me and them. I like Sun Tzu. I use tactics and strategies of him. It works.


I am still here and alive. It works.

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It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly peace-loving and "moral" people under the banner of religion nevertheless throw around death threats. Shouldn't our "punishment" be left up to the all-powerful, all-knowing, perfectly just deity in question? Keep up the fight Reha.




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