I hate Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. I hate their inquisition, cihad, crusade, zionism, and lies.


I do not believe in when a Christian or a Muslim or a Jews says that she is tolerant to atheists.


I especially hate Popes. They look like me creepy creatures.


I did not feel happy when a Turkish man shot a Pope in 1981.


I felt happy when an alive-bomber entered into UK consulate in 2003 and exploded. I respected suicider. I was too near to happening, about 20 metres. I have survived with a few seconds. I have seen, even touched the bomb vehicle.


I like aggression and violence. They look me like self-defence. I live in a country and town with ordinary violence. I see every kind of violence everyday. I do not care. It is normal to me.


To me wars will continue about 500 years more.


To me religions will continue for ever. Non-religious kind of man will be post-human or homo sapiens (N). I hope it to realize in 5.000 years at most.


As a futurologist, I see increasing wars between 3 one godded religions.


I do not care Asian religions. But 3 Gandhi’s assassination by the peace defender religious people, make me laugh.


I feel more than sympathy to taoism, not as a religion, but as a logic / dialectical systematic. Confuciusism seems to me conformism. I do not like conformists.


I do not care about animists, paganists, etc. They are more than 1 billion and they will increase in the future.


I don’t think a real atheistia will be founded. So I imagine atheist communes only. I can’t found such a thing. I am too old for this. So I only imagine.


I write about atheism, but do not talk. I do not like to talk to people less intelligent and having less knowledge then me, even they are atheists. Turkish atheists are very ignorant and too stupid.


After all these lines, I am not an übermensch defender. I only see that evolution and history way bifurcates. I select the way going to future. I.e. futurology is more important to me than atheism.


I am an auto-anarchist. I destroyed all my life. I only read and wrote books. Now after a half of a century, I am finished.


I am sure that I will not meet with anyone from atheistnexus. Indeed I do not want either. This is only a voice in the syberspace.


I hope you will have happy lives. Thank you your patience against me.

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Thank you for sharing, Reha. I'm saddened to hear how thoroughly you've adapted to violence. Having recently read Chris Hedges War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, I see the world view you articulated as a war mentality.

Briefly, he portrays human beings as functioning in two modes normal or war. In war mode we tend to interpret the world in black and white, to pay attention to the evil deeds of our enemies while denying our own. You may recognize this in current US politics, but it can happen to anyone, anywhere. War mode also makes human relationships shallow, destroys trust, and rewards selfish and even criminal behavior over civilized behavior. It makes people lonely, and life cheap.

As a futurist and a writer, it's even more critical to become aware of forces controlling how we feel and think than for an ordinary person. I'm suggesting that you are being held back from your full potential by the emotional impact of violence. And, that this is the human condition, not something for which any person can be blamed. However, a very bright person such as yourself can, first, consider the possibilities intellectually, and even find a new wellspring of creativity within by coming to terms with the feelings implied. You can, ultimately, find a source of trust and security which you may not realize you'd lost.

I do not imply that I know yourself better than you do, only that I've learned something from this book about myself. I'm sharing what I learned about myself. Hedges' book changed me.

First futurologist Flechtheim established futurology in the WW2 conditions, indeed against it. Also Asimov established his psycho-history acoording to end of the Roman Empire. Besides they knew each other. (Asimov copied the concept from Flechtheim.) I have never seen peace. I do not know it. I have faced with death more than 20 times, only mine. Of course we think differently, because we live differently. So it will remain.

I am currently reading Stephen Pinker's The Better Angles of Our Nature: Why Violence has Declined. Despite the belief of many people the world is actually getting more and more peaceful as we progress. The war mentality is slowly becoming a thing of the past. There has been a decline in violence and war among human beings since the prehistoric era.

I know that many people think like you do that war is here to stay and getting more prevalent, but it is not true. The speech that Pinker gave at the TED talks sums up the changes pretty well.

About one third of the world population is in war now. Most of these wars are exported by G-7 countries. They do not make war. They do us make war. Turkey has been put in war conditions with 3 countries (Syria, Iraq, Iran) in only 3 mounts by USA. USA needs to sell weapons to finance her wealth. So I, a Turkish atheist pay USA atheists' wealthy lives without war.

... and the corporations they hold so dear? ; )


I think nobody will have any objection to be patient with you but actually need to be patient with you. Hate has consumed your reason. You said that your country protects atheism. Why have you become such a pessimist. How is one finished by reading and writing books. Reha, I suspect you missed on affection and love, the two most pacifying things in the world. You need to pacify your mind. I would like to be friends with you. I can tell you that despite all the bad things that do exist, the world is not beyond redemption, it is only you who is so frustrsted. Fight wrong whrerever you see it. Humanity has had such ups and downs. Soon, it will bounce back from its present low state.




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