Confidence issues holding me back from Youtube / Webcam.

I've been going through Creationist and other 'bible-affirming' videos lately; things such such as Pulltheplugonatheism, Thewayofthemaster, VenomFangX and others, and I simply can't stand them anymore.

I mean it's fine by me if they want to believe in a skyman, but when they start making bogus outdated claims and lies to indoctrinate people against a well-established theory or state that that theory strictly for atheists or anything they manage to slice out from their crap Soufflé I just lose it.

I've been wanting to start making youtube videos for a while now, apart from anti-anti-atheist/evolution videos and arguments against numskulls like VFX, I'd do a few vblogs and videogame-related content, something to pass the time.

But I just can't present myself on cam, I'm just too nervous. Anyone here every experienced the same problem and how do I 'cure' it?

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I'll try beginning with something simple I guess. But that'll also be hard since the subjects revolved around religion, transhumanism, immortalism and singularity. Perhaps I should make a vblog? Talking about things going on in my life is always easier.

Thanks. Oh and, nice cactus =]
Get a really weird looking sock puppet.




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