My point being: I Travel to,and listen to talk radio stations all over the Caribbean, and, no matter what the topic of conversation,a great number of callers, and people that I meet,always call in or engage in quoting scriptures and praising Jesus (our slave master) ad nauseam. I find this act to be despicable and disgusting.
Where I was born (St. Kitts), and where I grew up (Antigua), If one decides to come clean, and admit your disbelief in the monster fairy tale bogy man called religion,God or jesus, you are looked down upon and ostracized by family and/or your peers. Or, physically and psychologically brutalized by your brainwashed confused parents,who seem to not want to come to grips with reality.They insist that,by bowing down,worshipping and kissing your slave master's wicked behind,it's the proper thing to do if you want to be successful,or, if you want to go to this fantasy fictional non-existent magical heaven;or,if you want to be some one of good moral standings in this global society. Which of course is all total bullshit to me. You are not allowed to be an independent rational thinking "human being."
I think that this is so sad on behalf of so many Caribbean massives (black people) who are too brainwashed and beaten down into total submission, to stand up for truth and equal representation. American blacks and a whole lot of Africans are, to me, even more vulnerable to this problem.
Hey Derrick, I hope I made myself clear enough for you to comprehend in no uneven terms. If not, I am game and inclined to discuss this further if you would like, Thank you

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