"Congrats, Mr. Trump. .... mentioned 8 times as ... sexual predator.

".... You did make the Time Magazine Person of the Year Issue after all. You are mentioned 8 times in the issue as being a sexual predator!"

A long overdue Tweet.

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Trump’s use of bankruptcy to evade payment of debts qualifies him as an economic predator, too.

Everyone should also keep in mind that Trump's tactics on everything he does is "divide and conquer." This is why he makes bad choices and chooses the wrong people. It causes us to take sides and he DIVIDES US while he does exactly what he wants to do. As Americans are then in various small groups that have to do with all of this, we have no strength.

Theocratic Fascism is afoot here and it wants to lay claim to America as our money powers funding it all put nuclear reactors in the Middle East and posit ideas of war with North Korea in order to gain more wealth worldwide. Nothing going on right now is about "peace." In fact, it is all more "divide and conquer." In the chaos that might happen the rich get stronger.

We want Trump gone and he soon might be. He has served his purpose. Mike Pence was hand picked to carry on with this and we didn't even see it coming. The museum of the bible may soon have almost a holy significance. The money men are stirring a big pot and we are in it.

Sorry this is off topic. It's expanded efforts of the pussy grabber and his group.


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