I've not been visiting much lately. Had a very busy 3rd quarter and just spent 2 weeks on holidays on an emphatic pursuit of some r&r. I needed desperately to take a moment out to address my fellows, comrades and in many ways, support structure - with the following:


What I'm about to write may come across as indignant, spiteful, morose, inappropriate, and in a prose not befitting a "gentleman atheist" - and please do let me know what your thoughts are - but this asshole just rang my number, and I, in a hushed tone at first, got angrier by the second. I've heard/seen similar sentiments the last few days, mostly in the form of cartoonish memes via facebook, but these are no less idiotic or petulant than the drivel that the knuckle draggers at FOX have produced in this sycophantic and patently narcissistic piece of shit video. I wept when I saw this. I weep as I write this. The cavernous, black, morally reprehensible depths to which people will go to in order to "bring in their sheaves" is too much for me to handle right now. I'm only 26 years old. Justifiably young, I'm sure, to the standards of many of the members that I speak to and hold in regard on this site. Young enough to see something like this and not be able to say: "ah, I saw that coming. Typical religious right". Young enough that tragic dissertations like this can still break my heart.

And so, to the American religious right, who so frequently and with such fervour feign pitiful martyrdom at every turn, buckle up. 


HOW DARE YOU turn this into a shameless sales pitch for your cause.

HOW DARE YOU make a judgement call on what may well have been a very serious mental health issue, and devalue and degrade it by calling it sin. 

HOW DARE YOU imply that the bible's 10 commandments can abate a systematic cultural failure and make everything better.

HOW DARE YOU assume that your idea of "morality" can save us all.

HOW DARE YOU infer liberalism as the cause of something so horrific.

HOW DARE YOU suggest that denying you religious fucking yahoos the right to get away with whatever you want has brought us to this place.

Finally, and most importantly - HOW DARE YOU take this tragedy - a school's hallways run crimson with the blood of 6 year old children and their few adult protectors, families with gifts under their trees for children who will never open them - and desecrate the value of these precious youth by telling the families that their godlessness created the circumstances under which this has happened. 


Fuck you, especially for that last one. 

Don't pray for your nation, do something useful instead. 

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Well said.  They know that the world will never be a homogenous Christian entity, particularly not their kind, so they feel justified in making these shameless pitches at the times when the shock value will create the most publicity.  Whether you are religious or nonreligious, serious mental problems will dictate these situations if they are not identified and treated properly.  Coddling your obviously disturbed child rather than having him diagnosed and treated is what started this.  Collecting guns and training said child to shoot them is what ended it. 

First of all, very well said and I couldn't agree with you more.

Sadly Huck isn't the only piece of shit spouting this nonsense and saying we need god in schools.  James Dobson of the group Fcus on Family (who I believe has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center) blames gays and abortion for this.  Ridiculous.


Really, just fuck Dobson, Huckabee, and the other asshats that feel the need to spread hate and fear amongst the frightened and feeble minded.

As I find more of these I'll try to post them.

It's possible I'm a bit sensitized to this due to the company I've been keeping as of late. It does seem this has come up far more than during earlier domestic atrocities.

Does anyone suspect this is a concerted effort to herd the sheeple? It feels as if it is connected to the war on christmas non-event.

I suppose it could just be natural collective bleating.

HOW DARE YOU suggest that denying you religious fucking yahoos the right to get away with whatever you want has brought us to this place.

That is exactly what they are saying.  Their god will massacre your children if they don't get their way.  Glad you called them out on it.

Yeah, Matthew, those mouthings of Huckabee and his ilk disgusted me too.

My outrage has settled down and I can now cogitate.

Let's see, atheists accept that we are descended from cyanobacteria, aka pond scum. Okay, ascended if you insist.

Do you reckon the DNA of such as Huckabee has a preponderance of pond scum genes?

More seriously, putting words in context...

I started a serious study of the First Amendment soon after I became a political activist in my early 40s, when my mouthings needed the Amendment's protection. That was 40 years ago and I haven't stopped studying it. The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) holds that the Amendment gives varying levels of protection: the most to political speech, and lesser amounts to commercial speech (substantial truth required) and sexual speech (most four-letter words protected but obscenity not protected). SCOTUS' views have evolved much since, shortly after WW2, it ruled that movies have First Amendment protection.

Atheists hear all kinds of stuff from believers and it desensitizes us. I wouldn't say these Huckabee mouthings are religious speech, though he will probably claim they are. They might pass as commercial speech, as he probably intends them to raise money for his racket.

That said, many people have a high regard for ministers and a low regard for used car salesmen. Huckabee and his ilk are setting a new low. They'll say anything for a few bucks from their followers.

I've heard people in the helping professions say we act in ways that will bring the regard of others to about the level of our regard for ourselves. It seems reasonable to say that Huckabee and his ilk have a very low self-regard.

Traditionally, a bad harvest is always blamed on insufficient sacrifices (and thus inadequate appeasement of the deity) by the tribe.

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