Connecticut: Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Is Now Law

Democrat Gov. Dan Malloy signed legislation into law on Thursday, June 30 ‘decriminalizing’ the possession of small, personal use amounts of marijuana by adults. The new law, Senate Bill 1014, took effect on Friday, July 1. Senate Bill 1014 reduces the penalties for the adult possession of up to one (don't ya wanna know!)

careful; might become a freethinker of that shit! LOL; don't be a wuss America! The Euros knew about that stuff; the whole world's known the benefits too!

sure there's the law of moderation though; I mean look how crazy things get when fundamentalism of any sort drives another to kill someone over make believe mind control crap!

payce! cya later!

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A good step in the right direction. You don't get a ticket for possessing alcohol, so you shouldn't get one for possessing marijuana either. Not enough, but a good step.

two wordz...



that is all!


yez indeed
The smoker you drink, the player you get.

que tu dicé?

irony; courts in CT don't like women so much stuck in the vatican properties; priests have free reign it seems in CT

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