I like atheism and what it stands for and even support the spread of it but as someone who is currently trapped in a very theistic and intolerant place I yearn for contact with other atheists. My questions are

How can I connect with other people like myself?

Where can I find an accurate list of countries where atheism dominates? I'm seeing a lot of controdicatory data when I look online. The atheists say one thing and the theists say another.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your replies.

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Finding atheists or atheist organizations in your area may be as simple as going to Google and typing "atheists Delhi".  It seems to me that I've seen other Indians here on A|N and I have little doubt but that you aren't the only atheist in Delhi.  A little nosing around may yield a rich harvest.

And while I'm at it, welcome to Atheist Nexus!

Welcome Mohit

Well you have made a good first step talking to folks here. As to how to proceed in your own neighborhood my advice would be: carefully. But people can certainly surprise you in a nice way too.




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