Hi. I came across this site while searching political sites. A new campaign has just been launched in the UK: http://www.independentvote.co.uk/ which I'm involved with, and a huge part of it is bringing people together, regardless of race, creed or religion.


I'm interested in anyones thoughts on religious peoples opposition to change, and their seeming want to be oppressed by people they feel comfortable with being more powerful than they are. It seems as if they feel threatened by any kind of autonomy, and of taking charge of their own lives. They actually feel threatened by the thought of having more freedom.


I do feel that this is an extension of their religious views - the invisible man in the sky is looking after me, so it'll all be ok. The greedy man in Government is stealing all of my money, but it means I don't have to make any decisions, so it's ok.


I'd be really interested if any of you have any ideas as to how to overcome this.





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I think people don't want change because it's the fear of the unknown.  What we have is known, and change means something new and unknown.  Religious people are probably more susceptible to the fear of the unknown as religion tries to fill in all the holes in life and give people easy answers.


BTW, the chick in your picture gets a huge gun safety fail.

The way I see it is that they interpret the constitution in a biblical sense.  There are so many things in the bible that just do  not apply to the modern world as much as there are some valid moral ideals.  Same with the constitution.  They look at it as some magical document that must be taken literally, when really, parts of it may not be so applicible to life today as it was 200 years ago. 

I also believe that a lot of it is ignorance.  They vote for christian leaders because it makes them feel safe.  They have a blind faith in those who say they hold the same beliefs.  They distrust anyone who has a different belief system, regardless if that person actually holds many of the same views. 


So...I have no idea how to overcome it.  All I can say is that I hope the younger generation is educated better, and that over time the older generation will die off (morbid i know), but realistically, you can't expect someone who has voted the same way their whole life to change. 

I am amazed how the GOP can make up the most outrages lies and if they repeat them over and over people will believe the lie.  This tells me how uneducated i.e. DUMB so many Americans are.
Ah the GOP. Grand Olde (English?) Party. Seems the Koch brothers Inc. (anti EPA) are running that show now.




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