Reading a friends discussion "Green Burial" about persons thinking about their own burials made me think in another way.
Humans are a specie which have consciousness of death long before they actually die while most of other species don't untill the moment of death or just little before it arrives.
Questions arrise
1-This pre-consciousness had harmed human or had benifited them?
2-What impacts it had on development of Religon?

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I was expecting more athiest reply on this
Lets consider it in a totally ethiest way. First thing accompanied death was the fear of death. This fear had all types of impacts on human. Physical, mental and Social etc. Life insurance system is a modern example of its impacts. People become worried about future of their children in case they die early. It made them more saving, sometimes over saving. I have asked a psychotrist friend what type of mental impacts it may leave on human mind.
In case of benifits one may say it made life more precious thing for humans. I have heared persons saying life is short, lets not waste it.
Then in development of religon, consciousness of death promoted the idea of life after the death. Wide variety of rituals accompanied it. Take away life after death and ideas accompnied it and see what is left behind in most of religons. Religious leaders used this idea well to control people by creating a system of punishment and payment in life after the death.
I think above given examples are very little part of actual impacts consciousness of death has on human life. I would like my friend to hilight its different aspects.
1- in a positive sense, we are more aware of our bodies and keep them from harm to a greater degree with our knowledge as opposed to sheer instinct. but knowing about our imminent doom, beyond when it's infront of our faces (like a rat face to face with a snake) can cause emotional distress.

2- this fear is what helps religion prosper. after this scary event of death, we will be saved and happy, and those that made us unhappy will be in utter despair. justice will prevail in a perfect plane above our scary world where bad things, like death, happen. but only if you follow the light/god that isn't the weird/bad one that the people down the street/other side of the ocean/wall pray to.




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