What are the formal definitions of Conservatism, Libertarianism, and Liberalism? What does it mean to be a Conservative, a Libertarian, or a Liberal?

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Nice turn of a phrase. Unfortunately, liberals are the broad soft pink stripe of neo-communism. Read the paper. Watch the news. There they are. Little idiot apparatchiks protesting to destroy virtually everything that the country was founded upon. All at the behest of puppeteer Grorge Soros, the CPUSA and many others.


If you don't like the country move, or take your peoples revolution to the streets with the thugs. And when you come for all I've worked for, I'll shoot you in a heartbeat and enjoy it.

Well, that's just not very nice.

Tell you what, I think I'll leave you alone.  I've learned as much as I need to about the unique perspective of Atheist Conservatives.  Have fun in your bunker.

What is not nice is communism and its soft, falsely moralistic precursors. It has slaughtered or starved more people than any forms of governance on earth combined.

If that requires me to be prepared to be not nice in defense of my family and property (both targets of communism), I will then become not nice.

For the record, I heard two liberals at lunch utter the words civil war in reference to our current situation and I hadn't spoken a syllable.

My mentality is not the problem. Reality is the problem.

Not so. Conservatives believe common sense is common because it's part of our traditions.


Yet again. My guys Jefferson, Adams (successful defender of the "Boston Massacre" defendants, 1770), Franklin, Madison et. al. Conservatives by most any standard, defended by famous British conservative Edmund Burke, all for individual rights and freedoms excepting for those freedoms infringing on the rights of others. 

Yeah, we're dangerous oppressors alright. Really scary huh?

Put down the Robert Dahl and Noam Chomsky and smell the coffee. Tiresome.

Yes, but - Modern American Conservatives tend away from the classical definitions.  They generally favor radical change to the right:

  • a fundamental Christian version of shari-a (think Scarlet Letters)
  • Militarism
  • Mass, for-profit imprisonment as a cure for social ills

I think Mr. Franklin would be appalled.

Think what you will. Please, please give me anything radically right as opposed to Bozo the clown and his incompetent henchmen.


I do not like evangelicals. But I do not fear them, because they are not stuffing it down my throat like Islam does and would.


Militarism? Are you kidding? The rest of the world keeps it's powder dry as we clean up the filth that is Islam.


Mr. Franklin was a diplomat to be sure. But he was also a realist. Which, I gather, you are not.

I believe that conservatism is a political philosophy that prefers things they way they are or they way they were. In the U.S, that means a constitutionally limited republic, a free enterprise, a structured society that is deprived of some freedoms. Liberalism is the political philosophy that sees things as perfectible, that some traditions have to be reformed in order to achieve progress. In the U.S, this means that they support a Living Constitution, redistribution of wealth and a permissive society, one which is too permissive. Libertarianism on the other hand is the belief in liberty, which is actualized through a free enterprise and a voluntarily moral society. My problem with libertarians today is that they think abortion is a right or a states' issue. Abortion is the forceful killing of an unborn individual and no free society can permit that.

Tonya, this is ridiculous.  If you can't get along with James in a less incindiary, accusatory manner, then I will be forced to remove you from the group.  Sorry James.

If women do have children, they can put them up for adoption if they don't want to take care of them. They won't be forced to run after them.


I don't hate women, Tonya, and I don't hate my mother. In fact, I get along better with women than men most of the time. Just because I'm pro-life does not mean I'm indifferent to the concerns of a pregnant mother, but I will not tolerate the extermination of her child. There are good reasons to be pro-life. Being a man or a woman does not change those reasons.


Here we go again. "No one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." (US Constitution)

So, until there are abortion courts to adjudicate the just reasons for killing a baby in utero there can be no such thing as legal abortion. Roe v. Wade not withstanding. Abortion abrogates human rights. And, until those Abortion Courts are formed no one should be killing babies.

Why is it men are "women haters" when they disagree with feminist absolutism? Methinks there is some guilt and psychological projecting going on. So very similar to racism accusations.

BTW I didn't take a Michigan Ave. (Chicago) PR partnership so I could be home a lot and have the flexibility to chase after my children.



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