Conservative religion vs. Atheism/Humanism views of revenge

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The dark side of vengeance


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In my experience, revenge seldom works out.  I feel a certain amount of happiness that bin Laden is gone.  I am glad the deaths and injuries of all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have just been validated.  Now a great criminal mastermind has been eliminated and can no longer hurt people.  That is good.  I am hopeful American and international troops can one day leave Afghanistan a safer place than when they entered it ten years ago.  I feel the world is a somewhat safer place without him.  Am I jumping up and down, cheering and having a party?  No, because I know someone else will take his place.  But I am a bit more optimistic about the future than I was a week ago.
After careful consideration, I think we may have done bin Laden a favor by executing him. He had been a pampered outdoors man but for the last 5 years was confined inside of stone walls, in a spartan house, no internet and living with three wives!

He was already in hell, we released him.

We had to do it of course, for symbolic, emotional and practical reasons. We couldn't let the world think we'd taken him alive for obvious reasons. And - we probably did not!




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