A Fox host’s tirade against Trump exposes depths of the president’s...

You may not have noticed that the US has crossed an Alice in Wonderland tipping point. Our official leader shamelessly demands that a national "news" network should show obedient reverence to him - with impunity.  As Greg Sargent says, 

... most [politicians] hew to some kind of underlying belief that gaslighting voters too shamelessly treats them with a form of deep contempt; that at some point, factual reality has to matter;...

But Trump has crossed over into a form of autocratic disinformation that is designed to render fact-based deliberation and argument impossible.

... many Trump supporters have come to expect and demand from Fox absolute fealty to their leader.

Trump expects and demands that Fox News hew to this propagandistic narrative entirely.

The whole point here is the open declaration that something meant to be a news network should function as his personal 24/7 propaganda and disinformation outlet. It’s a double-fisted declaration of impunity: Trump must be immune from journalistic scrutiny and be permitted to operate and lie with absolute impunityand he will publicly assert that an ostensibly journalistic institution should be entirely subservient to him with absolute, shameless impunity as well.

As political scientist Jonathan Bernstein observes, the fact that the lawlessness is by design so blatant itself undermines faith in constitutional government and “promotes contempt for the entire concept of the rule of law.” [emphasis mine, order changed]

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Not that I respect faux news, which has been a propaganda arm of the GOP for years. <sigh> But public transparent scorn, that insistence on 100% bootlicking, it's a new you're-obsequious-or-you're-traitorous country.

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Looks like you have Queen Trump in drag there. The man thinks he can do anything and his demands are ridiculous.

Fox a propaganda arm of the GOP for years?

I’ve heard often it was founded for that purpose.

The difference with Fox now is that the n is now running it and he has slightly different politics. Maybe the GOP will end up having to pick another outlet.




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