I just got 200 comments and counting on my local atheist group when I posted this:

"On a matter of self reflection as a group I would like to discuss the idea of us calling anyone inferior or superior based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation - as there all share the same medal of racism.

I realise that XXX may see this as the promotion of political correctness. I don't support political correctness as a means to an end. I do support freedom of speech. And I like the idea that we are free here to discuss opening about our attitudes.

What concerns me is that in the atheist community (on the many forums and you tubes that I've seen) I have observed what looked to me like, arrogance, prejudice, superiority and dismissive attitudes. 

I realise that we all have our own nature - but I do support the idea that we can all try to act on science and reason - and not perpetrate racism or other harmful attitudes based on false beliefs about superiority. And think it important that we become more self aware of these issues and come up with effective methods that deal with it.

Preferably compassionate - based on the principles of Naturalism, rather than regressive aggression against it."

Is this a very contentious issue?

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Thank you, Madhukar. Yes, I turned 76. Isn't that a pretty sound tripping over your lips? Seventy six! Know the tricks. 

Life is getting better every year, all is well, my seeds are all ready to go into the seeding box, and all my chores are done. 

It has been months since I have made a bad meal and usually try to create a gourmet meal each evening. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. 

My beautiful children are turning out to be the real joy of my life and they have presented me with grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I get to play with them. Our favorite activity is making up stories. They didn't know how to do that until we started doing it as an exercise to expand their imaginations. At first they told stories of guns and killing people. It took some doing, but we now share life-affirming tales of adventure and discovery. They learned quickly and now are great story tellers. 

Do you have children? 


I have childern and one grandson(12) and one grand daughter(2 1/2). A third one is coming soon. All are good and give me a great pleasure.

Having children and their families growing up in such a chaotic world makes me even more determined to prepare them for a very different life than I have known. Even though we had difficult challenged, i.e. violence, as well as racism, sexism, and homophobia in our country, I have it easy compared to others and compared to their future prospects. 
While greatly disappointed in USAs present government as well as troubled by the tragedy of hunger, homelessness, joblessness, and refugees, surely there will be a development of people who will turn away from exploitation of others.
With wisdom, courage, determination, we should be able to train up our descendants to withstand temptations of domination and develop a sense of compassion for others.  

Each child is so special. Each deserves to live in peace and justice. May your children and grandchildren live happy and fulfilling lives. 

Great, Joan! May your garden be fecund and verdant.

Thank you Dogly. Oh yes! life is good. 

Ha, I was actually thinking about this the other day. Wouldn't it be great if we responded to every Christian attack with smiles, congeniality and thinly veiled sarcasm? They wouldn't know what to do, and could no longer make the claim that atheists are evil. I already flag Christian comments of that nature, and am more just starting to walk away from discussions (which aren't discussions, they're attempts at an ambush).

LOL - love that description - attempts at an ambush! :)

Isn't it the perfect description though? It's getting to the point where I can smell it from the very beginning of a conversation. Sometimes they'll do a full-on guerilla attack, and sometimes they do the kind of coordinated ambush where one person will pretend to be reasonable and friendly, promising that "they're not like all the others," only to lead you through the jungle of ideas to where your doom awaits.

There was an episode of LOST like that, wasn't there?

LOL - I'm lucky enough to live in Australia - and I don't get out much either :)

So I rarely come across theists - accept for online - so have almost no practice with this stuff - my main 'forte' LOL - is debating atheists on compassion....  LOL

Alice, and a compassionate debate with loving, caring demeanor. You are my role model. But I still have some vinegar I want to spew before I gentle down. 


David, Yes, you are right, it would be "great" ... I kind of like having a reputation of being evil, that way I don't have to put up with more than one encounter with each person. When my reputation gets around, I don't even have to react with a barb ... they leave me alone, kind of like a porcupine. 

Your word, "ambush" is exactly correct. The principle is, face the ambush with all guns loaded and make it so they don't want to prickle me again.

Your way is nicer! And I respect you for your gentle nature.  




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