somewhere down the line of lies...
there lies, the drug education books, disinformation of America upon so many teenagers and younger... now realize I mean 'traditional' basic drugs... not the synthetic nasties of big-pharm and fox news; and the link networks that drill baby your brain drill... The blasphemous idea that 'science' is something known and 'religions/social engineering mechanisms' are something experienced... like a fkn' b movie or whatever other lame corporately produced made in china crucifix financial vampire inc. crap; oooops I digress:

with a world coming to grips with a modernized and exploited world
some families either rode a horse of hate (or broken back)
and others a wagon of understanding, through the domestic and foreign-based influence
some factions do not make sense in my humble opinion
I'm a survivor of the 80's because I chose to seek all that was kept from me in cath privy school, you could say.
I'd say it's because my parents came from bad scenes in their 'homelands' boy what a hitler drag that adjective for 'a nation' is... home is where your genetics are from IMHO...

what this all boils down to is
people live in fear, fear is the enemy
people exploit drama, domestic violence with connections to so many unsavory influences dating back to the dawn of corruption in so many ways in these tricked States of America

so, keep on top of the games sadists play
they're sheep too are to be never underestimated; those on the payroll of sadistic families in corporate power should be, by now, realizing the people, freethinkers with a knack for communication-community, workers mean business. Tired of being milked.

the kids realize Texas elders are wrong in their programming and information bending...
there's this thing called the internet where people go to research truth... is that to be 86'd in Texas as well? For the white Jesus and black gold?

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what are you smoking?

Don't you recognise cutups as valid literature? No, I don't either. Only excuse I can think of.
First, the UFOs. Now, this.

That's some heavy stuff you got there, dude.
yah. Try decaf
bingo; it's unbecoming now that I read it again!? yikes, the brain does amuse though when the other entertainment options fade
Don`t use recreational drugs before posting.
What the fuck are you talking about?
It's Kerouac on PCP. Just go with the flow man.




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