There is currently in our society a great debate over the existence or not of  God.
We refer here specifically to the current definition of the Judaeo/Christian/Islamic God, as we, the American people, have dismissed , for the most part, all the other gods, i.e.  Brahman, Odin, Baath, Ra, Spaghetti Monster, etc. etc.  With few exceptions, in the U.S.A. this is the god that is accepted most widely of the one true god. Hmm...
  Belief in god then is firmly based upon faith. Faith as we all know is the belief in something without any evidence. As in, there is currently absolutely no empirical or factual evidence for the existence of any god whatsoever, yet we the American people in general, still insist upon said belief in this one particular god.
  On the other side we have the scientific community who, regardless of their personal belief(s), require facts and evidence only to provide probabilities about those things in the cosmos that are yet unknown and as yet to be discovered. Both sides have their arguments.
  The faithful require no evidence whatsoever, the non-believers require evidence. To be sure, the sole basis of the religious community for their argument as to the existence of god is their book, written during times of absolute ignorance to the true nature of reality. On the other hand, science refuses to accept any notions of reality based upon anything but empirical and evidence-based facts, based upon keen observation and critical experimentation, reviewed and critically purview-ed by all within the scientific community.
   Apparently there is only one solution to this debate. Unfortunately the solution would be somewhat detrimental to both sides and of course, until it actually happens, be totally hypothetical.
   What IF, said god finally and actually exposed it's existence to all of us?  However and regardless of the manifestation, my hypothetical solution here is to state that this god's exposition would remove all doubt and with no ambiguity of God's actual and true existence. OK?
   The scientific and atheistic members of our populace would be compelled as is their modes, to re-visit any and all of their theorems and as they always do, to throw out any of their previous conceptions and conjectures and re-assemble their inquiries and mathematics to account for said new information. But there would be no love lost as the scientific community, historically, is and always have been compelled to re-think and re-view their theories based upon any new and in-controversially evidence. Not a big deal from a scientific point of view. Happens all the time.
  However, as the term 'god' never enters into the scientific realm, there would be absolutely no real changes necessary, other than the why?, questions of course.
  The theistic crowd would finally be vindicated and the world in general would be compelled to accept the new reality that belief in God was the correct and unequivocal way to go.
  But herein lies the rub.
   So far faith is the one and only inarguable foundational argument for the religious point of view. So, in the hypothetical solution stated above, proof positive of the religious belief in god would dispel any need for faith at all. Religion, in other words would be completely stripped of it's faith if god's existence were to be proved unequivocally as absolute truth. So, if it is, that faith is the engine for which drives our society's religious belief system and as has been stated over and over again both to me personally and in public debate(s) by the faithful ; "Without faith we are nothing" ,  so how then would the faithful proceed? Your belief will be vindicated yet your faith will be rendered useless.
   My point is then, whether or not god does indeed exist, faith cannot possibly be the mitigating factor in the actual belief in any god. For, if it is ever proven god does not exist, faith wanes reduced inexorably from the truth. If it is ever proven god does indeed exist, the faithful as mentioned above will have become, in their own words, "nothing", for with truth, faith means nothing at all. So may we ask upon the religious faithful to pray collectively as hard as they can to ask of your god to present itself once and for all to alleviate us from this tedious and never-ending debate?, for y'all constantly insist your god does indeed answer your prayers!  And you won't. Why? Because......
   If God did answer such a prayer, faith, and indeed religion itself would inexorably dissolve into mere acquiescence of the real truth and the need for either would well become moot.

Bruce Briscoe

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