Some call it a resale shop and others a Christian mission. The idea is to have items of need at a reduced price to help the needy. I go in there often to look for bargains.

   The ladies that run this place are about my same age and it's fair to say all of them are believers. This time around the subject of Trump wanting voting statistics on a federal level came up. I'm sure the ladies think illegal voting can be curbed by this effort.

   I pointed out that it won't be and the entire effort here is caused by Trump not believing that Hillary beat him  by over 2 million plus popular votes. He's President and he can't let it go. His first reaction was that these votes were 2 million plus illegal voters. Women marched on Washington and his next reaction was that these had to be the 2 million plus fat women. Trump just cannot let anything go, and the information he wants comes from a state level to start with. There is nothing federal about voter registration.

  The ladies are starting to turn on me as one says that she doesn't know about me, but she supports her President. My answer is that there is nothing presidential about the man. He's not a politician and he doesn't know what he is doing. They claim next to be thankful that he is not a politician because we need a businessman.

   I announce that I have to leave and wish them a good day. This is the exact answer that I got. "Good day to you also and God bless America."

      In the twisted thinking that goes on here we could have been talking about Hitler. Depending on the crowd, sentiment might be the same. The twisted logic could just as well have come from Evangelicals that cherry pick what they want for their beloved Jesus. I'm sure these women believe that Trump did not say or do certain things. The truth must be that we are making it all up and won't let him do his job. This is a dangerous and fearful idea at least, but I didn't really like the man when he was a Reality TV star. At least I had sense enough to know reality in the first place.

   Are we losing touch with reality more today than before?


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In my part of the world they're called "Thrift Shops".  I try to stay away from the most religious ones because I don't like supporting religion.  In any case, you're more bold than I am.  I've never discussed religion or politics with those workers.  I've just asked a few what religion the shop is connected with, so I can judge which ones to support & which not.


   Michael,I thought that was always the case that many people lose touch with reality. I also think that many have the mindset, "Oh that wont happen to us...we're different" or Their reply to me would be "You're exaggerating". Remember WW2 and the Holocaust? That happened 72- 78 years ago. For many people, that was long ago, but for me that happened yesterday. What I mean is whatever atrocities happened 100 years ago can and proved that it can happen again. So I don't see how being a businessperson makes any difference than corporal Hitler because both were con-men, lusted power and prestige, and managed to get millions of irrational followers.

  I think the ladies at your thrift shop didn't like you rocking the boat. For a minute there you probably managed to get them out of their comfort zone into reality. I am glad you did.


Thomas, I agree with you 100%. Strangely this "god bless America" after they told me good day seems to indicate that they think the Trumpster has something to do with god. Some people thought the same of Hitler. In our current situation god has sent them this wonderful orange man who actually cares for them. People and the media are only lying when they say how much harm his ideas will cause, and they are just making up stories about him. Understand that this has nothing to do with Hillary or Obama as they are completely out of the picture once this man took office.

It's so easy for me to see how the gullible allowed the evil of 78 and 100 years ago, and just as easy to see how it could happen again.

That's how they feel. Rather than fact check they just assume everyone is lying on Cheeto. It's sad.

There were those who watched his actions on The Apprentice and remarked on how authoritative he was and how we should have a man like that as President. They saw his phone and he called people up and got things done. Whoopi Goldberg noted this on The View but said it was all only a Reality TV show. The phone didn't connect him to any "headquarters." It was only connected to the producer, but a lot of people didn't know this.

I'm not a believer in the Orange One and if we do not try to enlighten the others we are failing to do our job. He is bad for America.

The forgotten thing here is what do we do with the transgender people who are currently serving in our military? That's why the ban is so stupid.


   I only saw The Apprentice 2 or 3 times and only watch about 15 minutes of it. What I knew then was that Trump was grooming the public to stage them ready for his presidency. The show wasn't a reality show, it was propaganda show grooming the gullible crowd and they bought it.

My veterinarian has a bumper sticker that says Trump voters: feel stupid yet?

Lol. Bertold.
I have one on my bumper that says Turn Off Fox News!

I would like that bumper sticker a lot and display it proudly.




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