It was one of those book talk channels, Sunday afternoon I think. An hour call-in show for Cornel West's new autobiography Brother West. I can't stand dialogue in which every other word is "brother". Cornel talks more like a preacher than ever, and constantly brags about being a Christian. His worst response, I thought, was to a very nice and polite white separatist--that's right--in which his Christian brother talk did not waver while politely and weakly disagreeing with the caller's point of view. He also failed to challenge the notion of white pride.

This talk show had Democratic and a Republican call-in lines, indicating the poverty of political choices with which we are presented. All the blacks called in on the Democrat line, the rednecks on the Republican line.

Granted, Cornel is one of the view who breaks through the media corporate bias, but the rational content of his remarks get more and more diluted by his clownish preacherly routine.

This nation is doomed.

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But Colbert cut off Dawkins as he cuts off his other guests so that no real ideas can get through. I don't particularly appreciate the format both Stewart and Colbert use in selecting book authors and interviewing them. They reveal themselves to be strictly establishment figures.
Watching rebroadcasts of Colbert in Iraq, with guest appearances by military brass and Obama convinced me of the total integration of media, politics, and ideology, such that I expect very little from any of these people. I will give credit to Jon Stewart for inviting the Jewish and Palestinian peaceniks on to his show, for which he caught a lot of flak. I've not checked out the web sites where one can get more of these interviews than appears on TV.
At first, I admired them both and I still find their discourse useful. However, their differences especially their love of Religion creates a bridge. Not to mention, they are slightly afrocentric which creates patriarchal undertones. Despite the fact that they claim to be form the progression of women.

I too, think that Dyson in comparison to West is slightly slicker. Yet they both create their own rhetoric that in all actuality is quite debunkable.

So, I do like the fact that Colbert (whom I admire) actually can ruffle West's feathers. It's hard to do cause he and Dyson are such verbal gymnasts...
Being pop culture figures has made West and Dyson much worse, more so West, who always struck me as a more serious figure. Norman Kelley, author of The Head Negro in Charge Syndrome: The Dead End of Black Politics, calls them "market intellectuals":

My review of this book is also in the mix.
I know about the union practice, though I don't know whether it is still practiced. I've also known some great radical labor organizers. And I know the history of anticommunism and McCarthyism. I still can't stand all this "brother" and "sister" stuff, no matter who says it. And atheism is lame as an identity. Inventing new words is only useful if said new words express meaning more accurately than old ones. "Bright" is the worst bullshit term in history.

As for the history of McCarthyism, I say all the time that McCarthyism has permanently disfigured this country and skewed the direction of all that transpires in it, including atheism and humanism. Prior to the 1950s, atheism and humanism often marched in tandem with radicalism, esp. labor radicalism, but since then it is nowhere to be found. Our allegedly bold "new atheists" are all reactionaries compared to who we had prior to the '50s.




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