Democratic Leaders Rake in Corporate Cash as “Squad” Sticks With Sm...

Are you wondering why Democratic Party leaders have only sternly worded statements and tepid pleas for civility, while Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, "The Squad", speak truth to power? Follow the money.

"The Squad" relies mostly on small donations, while "... 344 corporate-related PACs made 520 contributions to the six Democratic House leaders in the second quarter, totaling nearly $1.2 million."

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As Ocasio-Cortez advocates for the Green New Deal, the top House Democrats rake in contributions from the PACs of fossil fuel companies such as Dominion Energy ($10,000), BP ($6,000), ExxonMobil ($2,500), and TransCanada ($1,000).

While “the Squad” supports Medicare for All, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and certain health industry trade associations, which oppose the program, support House Democratic leaders. The leadership members’ second-quarter donors include the PACs of Eli Lilly and Company ($15,000), AmerisourceBergen ($7,500), Blue Shield of California ($7,500), UnitedHealth Group ($7,500), Johnson & Johnson ($6,500), Abbott Labs ($6,000), Pfizer ($5,000), and Amgen ($4,500).

As the two sides battle it out for the party’s future, they are relying on their core constituencies to help them along: For “the Squad,” it’s the diverse groups of people who helped them win congressional seats for the first time in 2018. For the establishment, it’s the corporations that have sent lobbyists to their offices and checks to their campaigns for many years.

AOC says,“Are we headed to fascism? Yes, I don’t think there’s a question.”

Establishment Democrats are afraid to use the words "White Supremacy". (quote source) See Mike Luckovich comic.

Which do you respect?

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I couldn't find the source for your claim that 26% of Dems voted in 2016. I did find, "Those who didn’t vote are as responsible for the outcome of the election as those who did.

As we noted shortly after the election, about 30 percent of Americans were eligible to vote but decided not to, a higher percentage than the portion of the country who voted for either Trump or his Democratic opponent,..." 

From what I read it's mostly nonwhite and poorer eligible voters who didn't actually vote, those who face financial constraints. I wish we had a system like Australia where you have to vote or pay a fine. They also make it easier.

Over and over, it has been Republicans behind making it even more difficult to vote, passing restrictive, unnecessary voter ID laws (where the poorest eligible voters can't take time off from work to get a state ID), reducing and eliminating early voting (which many poorer voters rely on to not miss work), reducing polling places in certain districts (leading to hours-long lines, but not for white, well-to-do voters who lean Republican), challenging registrations and purging voter rolls on flimsy grounds like obvious clerical errors or "mismatched" signatures -- or even the sloppy interstate "Crosscheck" matching that may have pushed Trump over the top in three crucial swing states -- and on and on.

Let me see if I understand you. 

The top House Democrats rake in contributions from the PACs of

*Fossil fuel companies such as:


Dominion Energy








*The leadership members’ second-quarter donors include the PACs of:

Eli Lilly and Company




Blue Shield of California


UnitedHealth Group


Johnson & Johnson


Abbott Labs







I wonder why the top House Democrats resist impeaching the man who would be POTUS, except he can't stop lying, exploiting workers, manipulating others for his benefit without regard for the pain and suffering he imposes on others?

He makes, "We the People" a joke! Profit and greed exist where moral and ethical values should reside! If I were younger, I would be organizing the community, holding education meetings, signing up voters, arranging transportation to the voting box, sending out fact sheets, making phone calls.

Joan, the humorist Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), who said she wanted to fuck the whole Chinese army, titled one of her stories “No One Promised Us A Rose Garden”.




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