Democratic Leaders Rake in Corporate Cash as “Squad” Sticks With Sm...

Are you wondering why Democratic Party leaders have only sternly worded statements and tepid pleas for civility, while Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, "The Squad", speak truth to power? Follow the money.

"The Squad" relies mostly on small donations, while "... 344 corporate-related PACs made 520 contributions to the six Democratic House leaders in the second quarter, totaling nearly $1.2 million."

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As Ocasio-Cortez advocates for the Green New Deal, the top House Democrats rake in contributions from the PACs of fossil fuel companies such as Dominion Energy ($10,000), BP ($6,000), ExxonMobil ($2,500), and TransCanada ($1,000).

While “the Squad” supports Medicare for All, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and certain health industry trade associations, which oppose the program, support House Democratic leaders. The leadership members’ second-quarter donors include the PACs of Eli Lilly and Company ($15,000), AmerisourceBergen ($7,500), Blue Shield of California ($7,500), UnitedHealth Group ($7,500), Johnson & Johnson ($6,500), Abbott Labs ($6,000), Pfizer ($5,000), and Amgen ($4,500).

As the two sides battle it out for the party’s future, they are relying on their core constituencies to help them along: For “the Squad,” it’s the diverse groups of people who helped them win congressional seats for the first time in 2018. For the establishment, it’s the corporations that have sent lobbyists to their offices and checks to their campaigns for many years.

AOC says,“Are we headed to fascism? Yes, I don’t think there’s a question.”

Establishment Democrats are afraid to use the words "White Supremacy". (quote source) See Mike Luckovich comic.

Which do you respect?

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Is this really what we're up to? Sowing discord between Democrats?

It certainly looks that way in the debates.

Democrats are sowing enough discord because they don't have backbone enough to stand up for anybody or anything. Things are being said and done that would get others in bad trouble and nobody cares. They just let it slide. 

Recently a Louisiana cop said in Facebook that AOC "needs a round." He made this plain by saying he did not mean the kind she served as a bartender. Now all sorts of officials are saying "we will look into this but we are not sure he broke any laws." This man is talking about elected public officials in ways that endanger their lives and could get them killed. At the very least his remarks do not go along with upholding his office and he should resign and no longer be a police officer. America is conflicted and Trump is a lot of the cause for things like this. Nobody holds him accountable.

A former friend of mine told me we should shoot and kill all of the immigrants as they crossed our borders. He and I stopped being friends that day and I've known him 50 years. He told me it would be OK because Trump would be OK with it. This is the fascism we are fighting. 

Both the cop and his cop friend who "liked" his comment on FB have been fired.

Good to hear. Thanks.

As they should be!

Sounds too much like the religious fundamentalist who claims murder is not murder if god tells him/her to commit the act, and rape is not rape because it is a will of god. Sex with an immature female does not benefit the child and certainly if a child conceives a child, neither child/mother nor child benefit. Some, who claim incest is allowable does not take into account the consequences of a pregnancy that may result; incest is taboo because of the risk of a deformed or malformed child. If your god tells you rape is OK or sex with a child or incest is acceptable, then your value system fails to consider the risks involved. Laws exist in these matters to protect the weak, young, immature and innocent ones. 

Hi Michael,

The fact that you've placed the blame squarely on Democrats and not the party in power, tells me your anger is misplaced.

Democrats cannot impeach Trump with this Republican controlled Senate. Trump's admin is ignoring subpoenas left and right. We already lost the Supreme Court.

Regarding your gun carrying racist former friend- he sounds like a scumbag. Sorry it took you 50 years to see it.

The blame is not squarely placed on Democrats. Both parties are so conflicted that proper directions on any political situation is rarely acted upon. The Dems are not helping themselves by wanting to play down what they call their "progressives." I'm sure they don't want to lose control but sometimes you wonder just what control they have. Impeaching Trump may not be the answer and if it were possible it may not get rid of him either. His supporters bend facts and create false narrative to make you believe they are "patriots" fighting communism and socialism. This is the real "witch hunt." Trump has created conflict in everyone and a false fear resides where there should be common sense. 

As for my scumbag friend, he made the remarks to me on Trump "doing more for us than any other president" long before trump himself made that remark at NATO and was laughed at for it. Trump later claimed he was joking but most of us knew he was not. Trump slanted media played the clip without the laughter. This should show the seriousness we are in with a man who should not even be president. Trump is a liar and a conman.

I don't think both parties are conflicted. The GOP marches in lock step for the benefit of their corporate masters. Those who actually supported the constitution have been gradually pushed out.

Ruth, both parties are conflicted.

Here in California, where Senate and Assembly have heavily Democratic majorities, legislators were passing bills in evening sessions when there were no news media present to report on what they were doing.

In November 2016, a proposition placed on the ballot by a direct initiative and adopted by voters, stopped them by requiring internet publication for three days before final votes on bills.

A few years ago in Massachusetts, an indirect initiative state, voters adopted a reform bill. The adopted bill went to the legislature, where the Democratic majority killed it.

However, given a choice between Democratic corruption and Republican corruption, I will continue voting for Democrats.

In 18 direct initiative states, voters rule. In 32 states, voters elect their predators and become prey.

I'm not saying Democrats aren't conflicted, only that Republican politicians are 100% united and work as a cohesive unit to benefit corporate masters.




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