In discussions with others on Atheist Nexus, they recommended a site that I find insightful. Genealogy of religion: Explorations in Evolution, Anthropology and history. The current discussions involve religion, nationalism and war. These offer great reads. 

Religious Wars and Nationalism

"Rossano concludes his article with this observation: “Outside of kinship, nature has come up with nothing more effective for creating group cohesion than religion.” He is right about kinship — for the vast majority of human history, it has served as the primary bond for group cohesion. Nature did not, however, come up with religion — humans created organized religion to serve specific needs and goals. One of these goals has been to organize people for war."


Corporate Nation Under God

"...Cold War, which was ideologically framed in the United States as a righteous battle against godless Communism. Like all great and enduring myths, the origins of this one were soon shrouded by the mists of time, or selective forgetting, and the Christian nation story took on a life of its own. Despite the end of the Cold War, the campaign continued and today it appears that ~76 million Americans would like to establish Christianity as the national religion."

I highly recommend reading Cris Campbell's work.


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We have to be very careful when considering religious belief as cohesive to human coexistence. History tells us a totally different story. Religious dogma has for the timeline of our memories been the stumbling block in  our attempts to find a solution to our cultural differences. We would be far wiser to see religious 'truth' for what it is: dysfunctional , divisive, propaganda.




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