I'm with the Corpus CHristi Atheists and we are going to bet getting some T-Shirts made up. I was just curious to get some more opinions on which shirt design was more popular. So if you wouldn't mind just letting me know which design you like better, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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The first image. I vote for the first image.
Undecided. I'd prefer the second image if there was a way to use identical fonts and font sizes for the small text parts ("You don't believe in", "You are" and "Alone"). And why the initial cap in "Alone"?
This is actually the first draft. I've already bolded the "you are" giving all the small text a more uniformed look. However I do think "alone" still needs a touch more emphasis since it it kind of attached to "not." as for the initial cap on "alone" there's no particular reason and could easily be changed.

Thanks for your input.
I prefer the second design.
The first one is too busy.
The second,but the fonts need some work.
You're right, though I wasn't thinking about it when designing these. With the first one I was just going for a more graphic approach, and with the other, any time you have just text it's going to be more direct. Thanks for your input, and thanks to everybody for replying so far too.
I like the GOD, NOT!

Atheists like wild-fire out there!
Stoked. Broke, but stoked.
I like the first one, especially the color scheme. I would recomment getting rid of the 'You' in front and have simple 'don't believe...' there, which would give the text some more space and emphasis. Looks great though, I want one.
I like the color and style of the first one, it is interesting.




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