Look at this:


Now tell me this doesn't make you want to go over there, log in, and correct their error?

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I do want to create an account to correct them. D:
Its just missing one thing the cartoon should have a twin on the other side of it, saying the exact same thing, and a little line connecting the two computers. Now that's an internet simulator.
Yeah, I know... it still makes me growl quietly to myself, when morons say whatever they please and next to no one challenges them.
That goes without saying... it is just amazing how many blithering idiots there are on Yahoo! Answers... hehehe.
I'm actually in Yahoo! Answers. And yes there are a legion of morons. Of course he picked the one who uses wikipedia as most of his sources. Tells you the amount of intelligence there!!

I actually get entertained by the stupidity at times.
Are we really expected to hold back the horde of unwashed idiocy?
I agree, its not really a battle worth fighting.




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