I am aware of how that sounds but I am curious to think that there is a connection to spirituality which is completely human, and yet at the same time it not be supernatural but rather a manifesting expression of our connection to the physical universe. Of all the ideas I can find on this, Jedism seems to be the closet to this. Granted atheists tend to be free from dogma but this particular religion seems to be more in line with the ideals of secular humanism. Your thoughts??


Here are just some of their beliefs...

16 Basic Teachings of the Jedi

1. As Jedi, we are in touch with the Living Force flowing through and around us, as well as being spiritually aware of the Force. Jedi are trained to become sensitive to the Force's energy, fluctuations, and disturbances.

2. Jedi live and focus on the present; we must neither dwell on the past nor be overly concerned about the future. As the mind wanders, focusing on the present is a task not easily attained, for the mind is not content with the eternal present moment. As Jedi, we must release our stress and ease our minds.

3. Jedi must maintain a clear mind; this is achieved through meditation and contemplation. Our minds can become cluttered and infected by forces and attitudes that we encounter every day, and must be purged of these unnecessary elements on a daily basis.

4. As Jedi, we are mindful of our thoughts... we focus our thoughts on the positive. The positive energy of the force is healthy for the mind, body and spirit.

5. As Jedi, we trust and use our feelings. We are intuitive, more so than others and with this heightened intuition we become more spiritually evolved as our minds become more harmonious with the Force and it's influences.

6. Jedi are patient. Patience is elusive but can be consciously developed over time.

7. Jedi are mindful of the negative emotions which lead to the Dark Side: Anger, Fear, Aggression, and Hate. If we sense these emotions manifesting within ourselves, we must meditate on the Jedi Code and focus on purging these destructive emotions.

8. Jedi understand that physical training is as important as training the mind and the spirit. We understand that all aspects of training are necessary to maintain the Jedi way of life and to perform the duties of a Jedi.

9. Jedi protect the peace. We are warriors of peace, and are not ones to use force to resolve a conflict; it is through peace, understanding and harmony that conflicts resolve.

10. Jedi believe in destiny and trust in the will of the Living Force. We accept the fact that what seems to be random events are not random at all, but the design of the Living Force of Creation. Each living creature has a purpose, understanding that purpose comes with a deep awareness of the Force. Even things that happen which seem negative have a purpose, though that purpose is not easy to see.

11. Jedi must let go of obsessive attachment, both material and personal. The obsession over possessions creates the fear of loosing those possessions, which can lead to the Dark Side.

12. Jedi believe in eternal life. We do not become obsessed in mourning those who pass. Grieve as you will but take heart, for the soul and spirit continue in the netherworld of the Living Force.

13. Jedi use the Force only when it is necessary. We do not apply our abilities or powers to boast or be prideful. We use the Force for knowledge, and exercise wisdom and humility in doing so, for humility is a trait all Jedi must embody.

14. We as Jedi believe that love and compassion are central to our lives. We must love each other as we love ourselves; by doing this, we envelope all life in the positive energy of the Force.

15. Jedi are guardians of peace and justice. We believe in finding peaceful solutions to problems, gifted as we are we remain negotiators of the utmost ability. We never negotiate out of fear, but never fear to negotiate. We embrace justice, protecting and preserving the fundamental rights of all living creatures. Empathy and compassion are vital to us; it allows us to comprehend the wounds caused by injustice.

16. We as Jedi make a commitment to, and are loyal to the Jedi cause. The ideals, philosophies, and practices of the Jedi define the belief of Jediism, and we take action on this path for self improvement, and to help others. We are both the witnesses and protectors of the Jedi way by the practice of our Faith

I think the (bolded) present the obvious hurdles of why an atheist by definition could never accept Jedism. But then again assuming or allowing for the possibility of there being something in the universe yet undiscovered, unexplained, to be out there for us to undertake.

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Fail, you have to believe that Star Wars is a true interpretation like the Bible.

You have to follow the Religious guidelines:

Idea > Fanaticism > Cult > Popular Cult > Religion

Wait a minute.... Star Wars conventions! Nevermind!
The first Star Wars movie came out when I was 7. My parents took me to see it and I distinctly remember my dad leaning over and whispering in my ear "The Force is God, and the Dark Side is the Devil". Growing up with that stuck in the back of my mind kind of ruined my perspective on all of the movies.
That's horrible.
My dad did/said almost exactly the same thing "I like this movie because it has good over evil" and did the same thing with the movie 'the Dark Crystal' ... later on he would say it's "well God is the good side ... etc"

I sometimes think he could not handle complex ways of think about things. It was always 'dichotomy'...

I think the question about Star Wars is it a Non-theistic Religion? It does not have a God or Gods only an energy that one could say is Love and the other Hate? With a quick look at the list I would say #10 suggests and intelligent design I never got that from the movies.
I would use the word philosophy rather than religion.

"Jedi believe in destiny" - that right there proves it's bs, in my book.
I could get into some cafeteria Jedism but #10 could lead down a slippery slope. As a whole I see these teachings to be very positive and useful in a secular society. Unfortunately it would'nt take long for the Jedi extremists to turn to the dark side start light sabering non-believers in the street.

In the end this is just the tenants of good living, as written by a sci-fi author in the 70's... Just like the greatest sci-fi book of all time... the bible.
In short, no. Like the bible, koran, book of mormon, etc... it was written by a man (or men) with an imagination. Although George Lucas has a great imagination, it's no reason to start a religion based on it.

You could start a Harry Potter religion too and then the two great movie religions can go to war over the "one true screenplay".
Too bad force powers are not real
... Jedism seems to be the closet to this.

Pun intended?
Not intentionally
lol :D
The Star Wars saga was born in the imagination of George Lucas. George Lucas borrowed from Taoism, Buddhism and even Zoroastrianism to create the religion of the Jedi- it's an amalgamation of beliefs, like so many religions are. Did Lucas do so expressly or was he simply creating from his subconscious mind, where all these influences had been implanted by exposure?

What about #13 is incompatible with atheism?

I can appreciate an atheist being opposed to false humility. an outward profession of piety meant to impress others, but not the humility that comes from honest self-awareness.


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