Couple ‘Allowed Their 12-Year-Old To Be Raped By A Preacher Living In Their Home’

Shocked police believe further allegations of abuse involving the family’s two other children, boys aged eight and 12, will be uncovered.

Investigators believe the parents may have also allowed their oldest boy, now 12, to participate in sexual acts with his sister.

‘It is a very sick, twisted thing,’ said Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor.

‘We believe there are some religious connotations. We really don’t know for sure.

‘There’s some strange beliefs in the family, to put it mildly.

‘There was certainly a permittance of this type of activity that’s not normal.’ The abuse came to light following the arrest of Martin, a preacher for the last 50 years.

Martin was pastor at Faith Bible Church in the Brushy Creek area where the Hams all attended at the time.

Sheriff Taylor said he believes the Hams not only had knowledge of the sexual assault of their daughter, but also consented to it at some level.

‘She (the couple’s daughter) was a victim of Martin,’ Taylor said.  ‘We believe they (the Hams) had knowledge of that and other sexual assaults against this child without reporting it…We’re not alleging at this time they participated in any sexual assault against this child.’

The sheriff also said investigators believe the Hams provided ‘some type of consent to some of these activities.’ Taylor said the couple has admitted to some of the accusations.

‘They have confessed to some of the allegations, to the knowledge of and consent of some of the allegations,’ Taylor said.

‘They’re semi-cooperative.’

Jerry Ham, 56, was charged with the felony offense of engaging in organized criminal activity and aggravated sexual assault of a child.

His 36-year-old wife faced the same charges.

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Vile. What is it with preists and molestation?
preacher/priest; kinda different
capacity for either to corrupt/abuse but.. yeah preacher much more ghetto imho
had to have been some druggies up in there or just straight mental illness; dunno what else to say on the parents end. fckt up end. vile indeed


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