Couple sues .. for kid's sake (very cool) .. 'Under gawd... Boston/Mass?

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I must say, though, that unless the kids are of sufficient age and actively want to do this, I don't approve of using kids for political ends.

However, I believe parents have an obligation to fix unjust situations that involve their children.  Someone has to take a stand on their behalf.

I've been there somewhat. I was raised a JW (no kidding!) and I could not salute the flag (not just skip a few words) or sing the national anthem etc. I did survive.Since the school tolerated my behaviors, there was no reason to push further.

As an atheist I feel less inclined to bring kids into it. Religious people forced to do something that offends their deity (and deities are pretty easily offended), they fear bad consequences. As an atheist I have no god to offend, so it's just me who's offended by these actions.  That's fine for me as an individual to take a stand (realizing that to many people it will be seen as a mountain out of a molehill), not so much young kids.

yet if a kid chooses to not 'do god' .. 
or not keep 'quiet
what then? a 'child' becomes the offender? not by the Constitution.
and not by common sense in 2013.

freethought secular or bust!!!




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