court rules religious can't use public schools after hours in new york city

Fwd: Federal Court Says NYC Public Schools Can Kick Out Religious Services - THANK YOU BLOOMBERG ADMINISTRATION

Hope this resonates around the country 

story check out on new york city atheists homepage.(NYCA)

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Poser: if churches make all this bread, why should they need to use public facilities to hold services?  Yeah, I know, so they don't have to manage the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location and more profits go into the hands of the charlatan preacher.

Check that - change to: "Why should they be ALLOWED to use public facilities?!?"

Check out "The Good News Club : The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Children" By Katherine Stewart.

It's highly disturbing, and a very good read.  From one review on Amazon:

Kathryn Joyce, author of Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement
“In The Good News Club, Katherine Stewart unveils a world of stealth ideological warfare, where public schools undergo forced conversions into evangelical churches, other people’s children are missionaries’ most important ‘harvest field,’ and biblical literalism is served with free candy and pizza after school. With deep reporting and a keen sense of the larger picture, the stories in this book demonstrate how far-right activists have co-opted the principle of tolerance to advance an exclusionary agenda.”

I think it's more than using public facilities. It's the theists trying to get a foot hold in our public schools. This is not allowed as even "after hours" it would be seen as a conflict of interest. Public education does not mean religious education. Once this type of gathering is accepted and allowed by the public it puts the theists much closer in wanting to "teach the controversy."

There is no controversy! The Buybull is not science. It's also not a "historical document" either. If you have troublesome theist friends tell them the Buybull is a hysterical document!

exactly right - if you read what the religious right have been preaching for the last 30 years, it is "let's destroy public education because it interferes with our ability to indoctrinate our kids with terror of Hell and the supernatural"




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