"We, as believers, must have at heart even those people who consider themselves agnostics or atheists," he said. "When we speak of a New Evangelization, these people are perhaps taken aback. They do not want to see themselves as an object of mission or to give up their freedom of thought and will. Yet the question of God remains present even for them, even if they cannot believe in the concrete nature of his concern for us."

Breaking news, The Pope wants to hold a conference in Paris. All Atheists and Agnostics are welcome. Except for the Militant ones.

Damn, I was looking forward to see Paris

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I'd show up with that one shirt saying "your God loves you but he's sending me to hell." That would open debate on how I'm loved unconditionally but accepted only conditionally. >.X

Honestly, if they won't accept those who are well-publicized, then they are clearly targeting only the weaker in hopes of swaying them to their own belief system. And frankly, Catholicism is nowhere near my list of religions I'd convert to if they were proven correct.
I'd love to know what they mean by "militant." By that do they mean those who are utterly firm in their disbelief or those who actively campaign against religion as well as being strong atheists?

Obviously, they don't want Dawkins or Hitchens in there because they (the RC'ers) would get chewed to shreds. What they may not realize is that you don't have to be an atheist celebrity to know how to state a position and stand by it.

Personally, I would love to be there if for no other reason than to look Joe the Schmoe right in the eye and say, "No, your argument does not convince and you have no supporting evidence. Your belief is an affront to logic and your organization an insult to society.

"Sorry, no sale."


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