Cows, pigs, chickens, …and women: GOP Reproductive Logic 101

The Republican "War on Women" has yet another proponent. No joke, the WTF?'s from the GOP have been coming fast and furious of late, but this one takes the cake!

“Life gives us many experiences…I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive. Delivering pigs, dead or alive."

"Georgia State RepTerry England compared women seeking abortions of stillborn fetuses to cows and pigs. He was speaking in favor of HR954, which makes it illegal to obtain an abortion after 20 weeks even if the woman is known to be carrying a stillborn fetus or the baby is otherwise not expect to live to term."

"England then decided to say that the argument against abortion must be great if his cockfighting friend is willing to give up cockfighting so that women will stop getting abortions…  Said the cockfighting enthusiast, who has been threatened by cockfighting laws, and bristled against them forever until he found his cause in the zygote:

"Mr. Terry, I wanna tell you something. You tell those folks down there, when they quit killing babies, they can have every chicken I’ve got."

Georgia Representative Terry England (Republican, Auburn)

(no, I'm not trying to propagate a stereotype, this pic is from his website)

Tell members of the Georgia Senate to VOTE NO on HB 954! Find your Senator at

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We just witnessed the incredibly stupid, cruel "Georgia House forces women to carry potentially stillborn fetuses to term" without regard for gangrene or any of the other terrible things that can happen carrying a dead fetus.

I need to hear outrage over this issues, shouted loudly and clearly over the land. Women are not sows or cows or to be traded for fighting chickens. Just listen to his tape in testimony before the Georgia legislature and tell me you can put your energy against something like that. We have good minds, kind hearts, and decent spirits. Use can use our qualities to fight against the religion that teaches, preaches, proselytizes for this insanity.

I'm going to post some terrible pictures, not to insult anyone; but to wake up those who would control women's choices without the wisdom or training of professional medical doctors. Don't look if you understand what pregnancy means in real terms ... not the pretty scene of healthy mother and baby with father smiling brightly. 

Do you think a legislator should make decisions about these babies? 

Look this dead baby in the eye and tell me it should go full term simply because some chicken farmer says so.


Rep. Terry England compares women to cows, pigs and chickens. from Bryan Long on Vimeo.



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