Is the foundation crumbling?

Speed-of-light results under scrutiny at Cern


Early Results from Large Dark Matter Detector Cast Doubt on Earlier Claims

Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong

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An interesting op-ed on this subject from Lawrence M. Krauss in today;s Los Angeles times:

All of these results are preliminary, but if they are true it's just what science is all about. It's exciting to face new challenges in trying to understand how our universe works. Newton knew he didn't understand what gravity was, but his laws still work today for our everyday existence. Einstein gave us a radically different understanding about gravity that explains the larger universe so well that it has withstood all tests successfully for a century, but Einstein himself, like Newton before him, understood there was much more to learn. He called his cosmological constant his biggest mistake but now it's called dark energy an important part of understanding the universe. He also spent the latter decades of his life working on a "Theory of Everthing". Physicists then said he was on a fool's errand and long past being a top physicist. Somehow that idea is the Holy Grail of physics (pardon the religious imagery). I think Einstein would be delighted to see that next step taken in our understanding.
If gravitation's effect "travels" no faster than light, the earth orbits not where the sun is, but where the sun was about eight minutes ago.

Yeah, I'm hearing the sound of something cracking.


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