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Replies to This Discussion is down. Their servers must be running low on prayer.

It's up again.

Love this one...

Given that so much of our oil comes from the Middle East, do you think that this negatively impacts our national security.




Since when were Canada, Venezuela & Mexico in the middle east?

Oh wait, don't tell them or next we'll hear how Canada is evil and must be invaded. ;)

From the framing of their questions, they don't want you opinions, rather your affirmations. I can answer few of the questions honestly.

"Do you support the repeal of ObamaCare?:" There is no law called "Obamacare", these questions are all loaded in such a way.

That's the idea. . .say YES and mess up their results. . .you KNOW what they WANT you to say.

I do support the repeal of right wing-nuts, rubes, morons, FOX News (synonymous with all of the foregoing), and Mike Huckabee being allowed to use the term "Obama Care" when referring to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Done.  :-)

Survey crashed!

Took it and passed it on to other atheists to play with.


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