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Just feeling a bit creative right now. Always interested in the thoughts of others on the subject of atheism. As an exercise I thought it would be good fun if we came up with our own orginial quotes to express our atheism.

"If America was truly a Christian nation, there'd be no one left"

"Why are you an atheist?...I thought about it"

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I LIKE that one, Larry!
If God was a cookie... you'd get aweful hungry at snack time.
God IS a cookie (under the right conditions) ... but "Would you like a wafer-thin mint?!?"
Nothin like God dunked in a glass of cold milk!
All prayer goes unanswered.
When you pray really, really hard for something and don't get it it's because god thinks your a prick.

"I talked to your god... they gave me pills to fix it."

"You actually believe that!?"

and my absolute favorite... "Remember Hail-bop"
"When you talk to God, it is called prayer."
"When God talks to you, it is called schizophrenia."

Christopher Hitchens in his introduction to Aayan Hirsi Ali's Infidel.
Atheists don't need commandments to be moral.
Bible?!? We don't need no steenking bible!!!
I joined Atheist Nexus because it is a non-prophet web site.
so far as I know, this one is to correction or predation:

"Blasphemy is the *ONLY* acceptable form of religious speech"



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