Create a Quote (Pro-Atheism, Anti-Theism, or Maxim)

Just feeling a bit creative right now. Always interested in the thoughts of others on the subject of atheism. As an exercise I thought it would be good fun if we came up with our own orginial quotes to express our atheism.

"If America was truly a Christian nation, there'd be no one left"

"Why are you an atheist?...I thought about it"

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Jesus Loves Me ... but he won't wear a condom!
When Jesus comes - I won't swallow.
I eat a Bible, will I shit a Christian?
"I'm filled with the holy Spirit! I made his page into a joint"

That's a great gift from Gideon! I always trim off the gold leaf, though.
The New Testament: Proof that even God needs rehab
"Teach me to doubt and teach me to live"
"The Bible: the porn, action movie, and courtroom drama of people without tv."
I mean seriously, Job?

"NO! Don't rape the angels! Rape my daughters!"
(cue daughters with oversized boobs)

oh my god it sounds like a bad porno
Job was a naughty boy, wasn't he?
Feel lucky he was. Had Methuselah been the Bible's nasty boy, you'd have to say handmethuselah and blowmethuselah in everyday's speech. Doesn't sound quite as good.
That was Lot, not Job. 


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