Create a Quote (Pro-Atheism, Anti-Theism, or Maxim)

Just feeling a bit creative right now. Always interested in the thoughts of others on the subject of atheism. As an exercise I thought it would be good fun if we came up with our own orginial quotes to express our atheism.

"If America was truly a Christian nation, there'd be no one left"

"Why are you an atheist?...I thought about it"

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One denomination deserves another.
- Who do you think we get our moral codes from, here in the US?
- Not sure. Must be a close contest between Mammon and Jingo.

(I had this little joust with a religious fundie on usenet many years ago)
GOD is a palindrome.
The Bible - fairy tales for the gullible.
The Rapture - promises, promises. Hurry up and leave already.
Hahaha. Oh man, if we had comment ratings I'd be marking this ridiculously high.
Thanks. You made my day
The Bible - It has the scripture to support your hatred of choice.
Is being biblesexual a choice, or are you born that way?
It's not original, but I recently came across this one and really like it:

To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the need for thought. - Henri Poincare
That's one of my favs!
Jesus - The ultimate absentee father.




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