Create a Quote (Pro-Atheism, Anti-Theism, or Maxim)

Just feeling a bit creative right now. Always interested in the thoughts of others on the subject of atheism. As an exercise I thought it would be good fun if we came up with our own orginial quotes to express our atheism.

"If America was truly a Christian nation, there'd be no one left"

"Why are you an atheist?...I thought about it"

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Hell, yeah - my daughter used to sit in his lap!
I used to be a Christian but I grew out of it.
"Shhh, grown ups are talking"
How do believers in reincarnation explain the populaton explosion?
Jack Butler
I've wondered about this one myself ...
I used to believe in reincarnation and many who believe in it would say that all the extinct species also have spirit and have been "promoted" to a higher plane.

Just goes to show that even pagans can generate more complex plot twists to support their story.
"What does a snail have to do to reincarnate as something better, leave a perfect trail of slime"? (or something like that) Jack Nicholson's character in the movie "The Bucket List"
Could we lobby the Roman Catholic Church to ban same-sex divorce?
hahahahaha! Tell me how that goes, Jack.
The man that is always looking for answers in the sky will usually step in a big steamin pile of reality.
Not getting up Sunday morning, no fearing afterlife, thinking for oneself...priceless.
"Religion; man's attempt to communicate with the weather" (Graffito,London)




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