Create a Quote (Pro-Atheism, Anti-Theism, or Maxim)

Just feeling a bit creative right now. Always interested in the thoughts of others on the subject of atheism. As an exercise I thought it would be good fun if we came up with our own orginial quotes to express our atheism.

"If America was truly a Christian nation, there'd be no one left"

"Why are you an atheist?...I thought about it"

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"I don't believe just because ideas are tenacious it means that they're worthy." ~Tim Minchin
You can pray for me if you want to, I'll think for you.
"What kind of God would want anything to do with religion ?"
I have a hard time with sound bytes.

But I like this from Emo Phillips:

"Dear Lord, please break the Laws of Nature for My Convenience. Amen."
1 cross + 3 nails = 2 hours and 8 bucks wasted on a crappy Mel Gibson movie
From a MySpace Bumper Sticker:

Jesus saves, when he shops at Wal-Mart
Religion is for those who are afraid to ask questions.
Atheism is for those who are afraid of what will happen if we stop.
Good one! Can I steal it?
Every steeple points to a vast vacuum.
God's answering machine is full




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