Just come across this myself but I’m not sure how to feel about it. A new movie about the life of Darwin is due for release in Ireland on 25 Sep and stars David Bettany playing the main man himself! He is a pretty solid actor and a life long fan of the big D man – apparently.
My problems are:
1. The name - Creation! I may be paranoid but in conjures up ID and creationist images
2. The movie is being released (?) by Damaris Media. On their site promoting the movie there is a line which states "In association with Icon, Damaris are providing the following resources to help churches, schools and community groups make the most of this movie when it is released on September 25th." This may be a good thing, trying to soften up the churches and schools or may be just pandering to them?

So am I right to be sceptical about this or am I just a bit thick. Your thoughts please!?
Damaris Link
Official Movie Link

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I don't know what angle they're coming from, but I'm spooked. The movie may well flip the state of affairs, it may be the next The Passion of the Christ, or it may be the scientific equivalent of Gigli.

If the movie contains the theory itself, then it may be just what creationism needs for the mental health of its holders--total annihilation. By simply having the idea presented--and in an "entertainment" format that they'll eat--the widdle sheepies may actually have a clue what they're talking about for once and stop spreading their bullshit. Or is it sheepshit?

It may make a giant splash for a while and be annoying to damn near everybody and then be sucked back up into the void from which it came with the exception of many D.V.D.s that will remain conspicuously unwatched in people's houses.

It may soar high in ratings, impact, and interest like a balloon full of xenon.

Alternatively, if it misrepresents certain crucial facts, like the operation of natural selection, then it could be like a hit of oxygen for the creationist fire.

However things go, we have truth on our side, and being more self-consistent removes the opportunity cost that deceitful groups have due to their having to use kludges constantly to overcome their self-inconsistencies. We are inherently a more efficient engine; we have a survival advantage over them. It's slightly ironic but fitting that they don't believe natural selection and take steps that get them naturally selected against, while we do on the first point and don't on the second.

So, ready your shotguns and fruit baskets, boys; you'll need one of 'em. And try not to get them mixed up.
@Shea: I read some of the damaris.org site, as well as the official movie site, and then even went on to to read the Guardian's review of the book. If they stick to the book (and the acting, dialogue, costuming, etc... is good), then it could be quite well done.

It does make me wonder what's up with all the resources being provided to chrurches. Don't they milk their members every Sunday so they have their own resources?

Here's a reminder for those who can watch or record British TV this evening.

At 9 p.m. on BBC 4 the feature film CREATION is being shown.

What is more, it is to be followed by an hour long documentary on DARWIN'S STRUGGLE:THE EVOLUTION OF THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES.

2 hours 40 minutes of pleasurable TV.




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